My observation about Love

Fall in love and stay in it are two different things. Falling in love is a relationship that intoxicating, poisoning, encouraging, and a real headache.  

Your body will be full of chemicals that weird that makes you feel happy feel like in the clouds.  

But, stay in love is a different thing. Once the chemicals are used up, you need more than just a beautiful memories that you can stay together. 

We do not fall in love with someone else. We fall in love with feeling that we get when we are with them, which includes emotional and spiritual awakening, the reduced distance, feeling safe, comfortable, full of hope, and feel whole.

It seems to be better and more romantic if we say, "Hey, I think I fell in love with you", instead of having to confess, "When I'm with you or thinking of you, I felt a feeling, spirit, and absolutely brimming over long."

 Certain people to balance us and make us feel complete socially and psychologically. While others make us feel restless and tired, make us less confident, or make us become someone else.

People who had long been in a relationship are very aware that they are complementary. They are a team, socially and psychologically. If you criticize each other and try to change your partner after the chemistry is exhausted, the future you both will not be long.



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