Let's Learn Thai language !

oke guys kali ini ayo kita belajar sedikit bahasa thailand,gak sesulit nulisnya loo..
 tapi gw bakal nge-bahas kalimat kalimat pendek aja yang sering dipake sehari-hari..

-My name is xxx = (phom che xxx krab) or (phom che xxx na krab)

-nice to meet you = (yin dee thi dai ru chak krab) or (yin dee thi dai ru chak na krab)

-im coming from Indonesia =Phom phen khon Indo krab

-How’re you doing?= sa bai dee mai krab

I also add some Thai words for you guys. I think you’ll hear them often in Thai movies or Thai songs.

-cute= na rak (you will hear Kao Jirayu said “narak” to the main actress in Suckseed)

-very cute = narak mak mak

-hunnie, babie = tee rakkkk

-love you + kiss kiss = rak na joobbb joobb (I’ve heard a lot in real life n in some movies), but normally this phrase will be used for only your gf/bf.

PS. I don’t translate word by word, but I think it is the actual conversation. I hope it helps!

1. I Love You = Pom ruk khun(for male), Chun ruk khun(for female) (Love= Ruk in Thai,Like =Chorb in Thai)
2. What are u doing = khun kam-lang tum a-rai?
3. How much (for price) = Ra-ka tao rai?
4. What is your name = Khun Chue a-rai?
5. Where are you living = Khun Yoo tee nai?
6. When is your birthday = Khun kerd wan nai?
7. What is your hobby = Ngan a-di-rek kong Khun Kue a-rai?


- For polite conversation,you should add Krup or Ka at the end of the sentense. (Krup for male,Ka for female)
-There are many Thai words to call "I" or "you"

I = Pom(polite for male),chun (polite for female) , Rao(use when say with friend),Gu(rudest but someone say with close friend),etc.

You= Tan( most polite-too formal),Khun(polite),Tur(moderate - use when male say with femlae or female say with female. ),Noo (female say "Noo" when talk with person who older than you,Gae( use with close friend),Meung(rudest),etc.

I suggest you to say " Pom" or "chun" for "I"
and say "Khun" for "you"

See you next time...Khob Khun Krab :)


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